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Hello, my conscious friend!☺️

Ungdomshuet is organizing a clothing swap with the purpose of helping you to get rid of your old clothes and find your best new pieces.
Exchanging your clothes is a great way to fight against climate change and shop sustainably.♻️

How it works:
1) Look through your wardrobe and select the clothes you don’t wear anymore but they are still in a good condition.👕2) Bring those clothes, shoes, accessories to us and we will categorize them and make sure it is ready for the visitors. You can read more about the collection time in the post. You can also bring the clothes on the day of the event but it is preferred to have them beforehand.🧥3) For every piece you will get a coupon that you can use on the day of the event to buy your new clothes.🏷4) Come on Monday for an amazing shopping event and hang out with us with a tea or coffee. ☕️

The next event in on the 28th of March.

In case of questions feel free to write us a message and check out the event on Facebook.


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