Karaoke Headstart

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Fancy a great start of your weekend and you happen to be a music fan?🎶

Then no more questions need to be asked, Karaoke Headstart is the place to go!😄You can ask the people who were here on the first volume; we had fun! In fact, so much fun that hosting a second one was an absolute must!🥰💜So how to find KARAOKE HEADSTART vol. 2?

Friday 25th of March 2022 at 18:00
Ungdomshuset Dansesalen (Nørregade 60, 5000, Odense C)

You cannot miss this! 😁

We will prepare mics, karaokes and instruments for you, so everyone can do what they enjoy. 🎤🎹🎸Also, this time we have prepared some dares/challenges for you, so you can step out of your comfort zone and shake off your shyness… of course, while being awarded for doing so.🏆

We have FREE ENTRANCE for this event so tag some of your friends along. The more we are, the merrier!🥰

So come aboard, bring your great mood, song ideas and you`re all good to go!😊

See you!🤗


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