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Any plans on Thursday afternoon? Grab a snack and have a good time at Ungdomshuset Odense

Are you vegan, vegetarian, or just curious about the plant-based lifestyle? Then this workshop might be for you.

My name is Adél and I have started my journey 3 years ago by slowly leaving out meat, dairy, eggs, and then fish. My transition was a step-by-step process and I’m still on my way to being 100% vegan but I believe we don’t have to do it perfectly it is enough to try. I’m eating plant-based because this is how I feel the best in my skin, and the more I know about the meat industry the more against I am. Our goal with this workshop is to meet once a week and talk about our experiences, share recipes and tips by forming a community, helping each other, and having fun. At the first meet-up, we will discuss the preferences and the structure of these talks.

Invite your friends and see you there!

More information at our Facebook event.


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